Rebel with a cause, Exclusive Interview with Creator & Exec. Producer, Chris Lavoie

Letʼs start with your new TV docu-series, ‘The Social Movementʼ which is being hailed as the most important TV Series ever created. Although docuseries are on the rise, I imagine standing out from the rest can be challenging, but I have to say ‘4 Days to Change the Worldʼ has my full attention. Can you tell us more about it, how did the idea of ʼThe Social Movementʼ come about, what changes are you hoping to solve, and why 4 days?

I vividly remember the moment TSM vision came to me. My heart and mind raced as I typed notes on my MacBook.

The concept was first inspired by a collection of TV show production concept experiences and Elon Muskʼs strategy with SpaceX (“We are going to Mars” announcement). After researching this modern-day hero, one thing stood out to me. Hereʼs a CEO who is not talking about his company. Heʼs talking about a cause that every human instantly relates to. This is why Elon stands out from the other entrepreneurs and executives. Think about it. Most companies and their leaders talk about the brand. No one gives a shit about your brand. Elon knows this. Consumers — our audience — they care about a cause and a mission.

So, my mind is flooding with ideas and Iʼm typing and thinking: What if we engineer a playground (on set) and the CEOs who usually only talk about their brand and products instead join TSM to tap into their inner Elon Musk. They must be generous with their genius, dare to dream, and be extra ambitious in their thinking. Usually, CEOs are pretty sophisticated in how they problem solve. Thatʼs why CEOs are CEOs. Through TSM, we’re able to see what really makes them valuable inside the company, which is real-time problem solving.

And then Iʼm thinking, “Letʼs have these CEOs work with a group of strangers from across the globe to engineer a financially viable business to solve (not help) but solve a global social issue. What would happen to these minds? Would they evolve? Would these people become more valuable to society?” Then the most amazing moment occurred. I recalled Elonʼs message regarding how education should gamify the process of learning. My son walked into my home studio and said, “Dad, times up. Itʼs time for my game.” Creative lightning striked. “ These teams will race against the clock,” I thought. I considered the data and how the audience wants the impossible mission. Thatʼs what captivates our minds. I chose four days based on the fact that I know the right minds are incredibly busy with countless global ventures. I reviewed my thoughts on screen and knew I had just created the extraordinary. The next step was to test this concept for Season 1 and guess what? The extraordinary happened.

A few weeks after Season 1 production, I recruited a few key playmakers from across the globe that shared the same values to help carry this important work into the future. I adore these beautiful minds. The next step was to engineer a process where the businesses created on set could gain funding.

Instead of most hit TV series where people in the audience download the showʼs app and vote for their favorite person (i.e. singer) to win while the others lose, in TSM every business has potential to gain funding. The power is with the people. The audience votes by investing for their favorite team and social issue business solutions. This is possible because we first leverage this TV series as an asset to gain the funding (known as TSM Global Innovation Fund ) to help solve the worldʼs most pressing social issues. This is why TSM is the most important TV series ever created.

You have achieved what others can only dream of, who inspires you the most to continue moving forward and working towards your goals?

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Four Days to do the Impossible

The most important TV series ever created. Witness where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Premieres Earth Day 2021 on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, H2HTV and many more outlets in 31 counties worldwide.