It Takes Talent To Become A Top Recruiter

I think a lot of people – both recruiters and candidates – thought HR tech, in the form of job microsites, job boards, and HR technologies, would help rebuild the shaky bridge between employer brand, internal recruiter/external recruiter and the candidate experience. And for some companies it has done the job, principally because the brand awareness is so strong. (TOMS Shoes, Apple AAPL +0.04%, and Google GOOGL +0.6% come to mind.) For these companies, candidates self-select before they enter the recruiting pipeline. This candidate-centric approach requires a very strong brand and equally strong recruiting practices.

For companies without a strong brand, or with a lot of heavyweight process in recruiting, the balance needs to shift back to a talent-centric focus, away from heavy process. How does that happen? One way is through brand visibility and online social learning.

Recruiting As A Social Reality Show

Thinking about training may send a shiver down your spine. Chain hotel ballrooms and meeting rooms; meh food; endless PowerPoint presentations given by tedious speakers. Anxious attendees, desperately networking. It’s hardly a recipe for learning, let alone success. Here, as elsewhere, we can learn a lot from technology, even 80-year-old technology.

So I encourage you to add a dose of reality (and fun) by watching the Top Recruiter: Miami (Premieres 2021). Executive Producer Chris Lavoie has done a great job borrowing the “top chef” model and applying it to the world of social and recruiting. This year’s event, scheduled for three weeks from now in Miami, will be more than entertaining TV (no Snooki, alas) – it’s a master class in how to be a top recruiter, one who puts the candidate and the brand first.

“As LaVoie points out, an estimated $140 billion dollars are spent on recruiting every year.”

That is a huge amount of money, and some employers may question the ROI on the investment. Chris also notes a world-class recruiter has to have multiple skill sets, what he calls “the right combination of people, business and street smarts”.


Due to popular demand, Top Recruiter is currently being remastered into 4K resolution. In addition, the producers are going deep into the vault, where they are going to share new stories, scenes, backstories, and many surprises. There will be a total of 3 seasons, and the reboot will have a new name, Top Recruiter: Miami. Premieres 2021 on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, H2HTV and many more outlets in 31 counties worldwide.