How James Caan and Karren Brady Plan to Find the World’s Top Entrepreneur

They hope to find an entrepreneur with an idea so powerful it will shape their industry for years to come.

Well, if you’re James Caan (celebrity business investor, Hamilton Bradshaw Group) and Karren Brady (celebrity business executive, Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge) you join forces with the tv reality/docu-series, VS, Season 1. Then you go out and rent a massive chateau in Europe and bring in 50 of the top CEO’s, founders, investors – industry leaders in entrepreneurship to have them discuss business, people, and innovation over a period of five days.

There will be two teams, North America vs. Europe, competing to find a single entrepreneur whose idea will re-engineer their industry.  Season 1 was to focus on the future of work. 

The show’s founder and executive producer, Chris Lavoie is certain the collaborative competition will produce extraordinary results:

We are not interested in “disrupting” industries. You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new global model that has real movement and momentum. This docu-series is to showcase what is good in people and business (in a sometimes negative noisy world).

What sets this show apart is the amount of counseling and coaching the entrepreneurs will get from top executives from around the world.  Executives like Darren Ryemill, Founder of Opus Talent, Amy Golding, CEO, CEO of Opus Talent & Tom Glanfield, CEO of LHi will be directing the entrepreneurs as they develop ideas that will solve an industry problem, then helping make and refine their pitch and face scrutiny from the celebrity business executive panel.

Entrepreneurs on other shows face heavy scrutiny from celebrity judges, but they don’t get a lot of mentorship or coaching on how to advance their ideas. VS. is focused on communication and mentorship. It’s much more than just a group of entrepreneurs making a pitch.

Here is Baroness Karren Brady on why the concept of mentorship is playing such a large role in the show and the development plan of the entrepreneurs:

You’ll find that most successful entrepreneurs credit a mentor or mentors. It’s the entrepreneurs who are able to sponge up the wisdom of others, and then, when the time is right, pay it forward by becoming mentors themselves.

When it comes to entrepreneurs in the recruiting industry, there is almost nobody more influential than the seventh-most-followed Influencer on LinkedIn, James Caan, who boasts investments in more than 20 recruiting firms.

Caan shared with me his hope for how the show will help facilitate advancements in the industry:

I’m excited about what this series stands for. It’s a global movement of business leaders who want to elevate the reputation of the business side of talent.

Here’s how the challenge between the two teams will play out:

Round 1: The pitch

Each entrepreneur will have just 90 seconds to pitch their business idea for their respective regions (North America and Europe).  Each region has a chairperson, chief executives, advisors, and global counselors. After each entrepreneur gives their pitch, there will be a Q&A from leadership.

Only one entrepreneur from each team will be selected to move forward. The entrepreneurs who were not selected will stay with their team to help support the entrepreneur whose idea was chosen.

Round 2: Refine the Business Concept

Each entrepreneur will now have the opportunity to refine their business concepts and work with their team and mentors.  This round is all about the leaders preparing the entrepreneurs and their team for the final round.

Round 3: Face the Celebrity Business Moguls of Brady & Caan

The final two entrepreneurs from North America and Europe will compete in London (at the painted hall).  They will face the executive panel (celebrity business minds Karren Brady and James Caan).  Only one entrepreneur will have their idea will be accepted, and that person will be the winner.

Which team will produce the winning entrepreneur?

With the best of Silicon Valley, it seems that team North America has emerged as the early favorite.  However, the European team brings a lot of talent to the table, so the Americans better be prepared to bring there A game.  Each team believes it can win.


The producers are going deep into the vault, where they are going to share new stories, scenes, backstories, and many surprises. There will be a total of 2 seasons, and the reboot will have a new name, VS. Premieres 2021 on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, H2HTV and many more outlets in 31 counties worldwide.